Speak Up! The Second Round of Stimulus Checks Have Been Approved But Is the $600 Amount, Too Little Too Late?

So many Americans are suffering financially due to the enormous strain the Covid-19 pandemic has put on the economy and the government has finally passed the $900 billion stimulus bill which includes $600 dollar stimulus payment which most so desperately need. But is it enough? Is it too late? So many people are in financial […]

Cardi B Asks Fans about Her 88 Thousand Dollar Purse, And Meek Mill Tells Boys Selling Water to Split 20 Dollars, Are Celebrities Out of Touch?

With so many people facing financial difficulties due to this worldwide pandemic, it seems a little strange so many celebrities seem to be oblivious despite them also being affected by the Covid-19 health crisis. Rappers in particular have seen a drop in their bottom line if they were depending on doing live shows for income […]

With So Many Americans Needing A Second Stimulus Check, Why Is the Government Continuing To Ignore The Pleas For Help?

With a title such as the “United” States you would think the government could work together to help the people suffering because of the pandemic. But the government has yet to pass a second stimulus package to help the American economy. Because that is what a stimulus package is suppose to do, stimulate the economy. […]