President Donald Trump Grants Clemency to Lil Wayne and Kodak Black During His Final Hours As President But Skipped Over Joe Exotic

Well rappers Lil Wayne and Kodak Black can breathe sigh of relief because one of the things disgraced President Trump did before leaving office was granting them both clemency. He also granted clemency to Desiree Perez who is the C.E.O. of Roc Nation as well as a slew of others. But surprisingly skipped over Joe […]

Donald Trump Kicked Off Twitter Only After He Urged His Supporters to Riot at the White House, Will You Miss His Tweets?

Well apparently Twitter has had enough of the drama surrounding Donald Trump. All over world, people watched him hold yet another “super spreader” rally and proceed to incite his supporters to storm the White House in an effort to disrupt the certification of Joe Biden as President. And then, true to his nature, he proceeded […]

Speak Up! The Second Round of Stimulus Checks Have Been Approved But Is the $600 Amount, Too Little Too Late?

So many Americans are suffering financially due to the enormous strain the Covid-19 pandemic has put on the economy and the government has finally passed the $900 billion stimulus bill which includes $600 dollar stimulus payment which most so desperately need. But is it enough? Is it too late? So many people are in financial […]

Republicans Prepare to Battle Democrats Over Supreme Court Seat, But Neither Can Seem To Pass a Stimulus Bill, So Still No 2nd Stimulus Check?

As this pandemic wanes on and more financial pressure is being put on the average American to pay for necessities like food, housing, automobile maintenance and child care, the government is concerned with replacing the seat of the late Associate Justice Joan Bader Ginsburg. Wow, way to prioritize. So let me get this straight, as […]

With So Many Americans Needing A Second Stimulus Check, Why Is the Government Continuing To Ignore The Pleas For Help?

With a title such as the “United” States you would think the government could work together to help the people suffering because of the pandemic. But the government has yet to pass a second stimulus package to help the American economy. Because that is what a stimulus package is suppose to do, stimulate the economy. […]