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You can expect up to date posts on any current series I am recapping. If you would like me to recap a series, feel free to make a suggestion. As this pandemic drags along into a second year, you never know I might still have time on my hands and oblige you. I was thinking of recapping some old shows like “Bad Girls Club” what do you think?

Bad Girls Club

These are original posts that are dedicated to the now defunct “Bad Girls Club” and geared to appeal to the die-hard fans of the now cancelled reality show…….

Bootleg Sociology

These are my posts where I use my background in almost two decades of practicing Sociology in the public sector and education in the Behavioral Sciences as well as my life experience as an American woman. I have a perspective that I want to get out. So join me as I dust off this “worthless” degree and kick some “bootleg sociology” your way!


We are living in a surprisingly and alarmingly narcissistic society. I have been studying the teachings of clinicians like Dr. Ramani Durvasula who is an American clinical psychologist who has done extensive work in the study of narcissism and narcissistic abuse. She is not the only person who I have decided to study their work on personality disorders, especially narcissism. So many people are coming out of the fog and we want you to be one of them. Narcissism is on the rise and I have provided some posts that will help you identify situations and people that may be narcissistic.

Popular Culture

I decided to write about interesting people or events that are trending or popular. Feel free to contact me if you want me to know about any trending topic you would like the blog to explore……


Name an American Female Sociologist, don’t worry I’ll wait……


Yeah, almost no one can, until now. You are now reading a blog by a Sociology major who is a proud member of Generation X, so yes, I’m broke, disillusioned and desperate. You know the usual life style of a weirdo who actually thinks something I do or say will light a spark and light the fire that causes a sociological revolution. Sociologists are so stupidly naive.

We all graduate knowing we will be the lowest paid, but highly educated, inspired and articulate of the bunch. We are the silly rabbits who know that tricks are for kids. What does that mean? College degrees are for careers that help you support yourself, so why on earth would anybody get a degree in Sociology who isn’t a slacker? We do it because we want to be an agent of change

If my grandmother was alive, how could I explain that despite getting two degree’s in behavioral science, classes to advance my degree, getting married, and working like the new slave on the plantation, I am busted and even worst severely disgusted. We are the generation who did everything right, but are still falling short of the “American Dream”. And if you think I’m upset about it you would be absolutely right. And I want to talk about it. But I’m a sociologist so you know how it goes. We hit you with a passionate, well thought out argument, and your eyes glaze over and suddenly you remember you have something urgent to do…..sigh.

So I start a blog in 2018, because dang it, I’m going to write manifestos, calls to action, thoughtful political commentary…..if its anything that remotely makes me feel like I am writing a sociology theory, I’m doing it! No more holding people hostage while I rant about, politics, taxes, what happened on social media, the starving people of Lebanon, blah blah blah….okay you don’t want to listen when I speak, well my rantings will be spoken on paper but in my voice. I will simply write like I talk and hope there are some women just a disgusted as me.

All of a sudden I was inspired to become content creator and maybe get my opinions out that way. “Gosh darn it”, I thought, “I will write it on a blog and if someone comes across it and reads it then….


I planted my eggs in your brain and maybe they will hatch later. At least when I die penniless, my grandbabies will have proof I was somewhat, literate. Well I will start a  blog and use my sociological imagination to put out some content with my point of view in mind. I was off to a good start and then life hit….so the blog suffered. But you know what?


Trump made America “great” again so you know what that means? Yes, I became unemployed like millions of other Americans, lol.

The pandemic, which is definitely a curse on America, was actually a blessing. So I’m growing my blog because I have time. Who knew people would read anything I would say and enjoy it. I see Sociology at every turn and it definitely taints my perspective, but that’s not all you will read on this blog.

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