Breaking News! A Murder Suspect Is Being Sought By The U.S. Marshalls For The Murder Of Memphis Rapper Young Dolph!

It is being reported that an arrest warrant has been issued for a suspect for the murder of Memphis rapper Young Dolph. Young Dolph was tragically shot and killed in Memphis in November of last year. I said I would keep you posted and true to my word, here I am with an update. And this is the update many of us have been waiting to hear.

A first degree murder warrant has been issued for a twenty three year old named Justin Johnson for the murder of Adolph Thornton Jr. also known as our beloved Young Dolph. A  $15, 000 reward is being offered for his capture, so if anyone knows where his whereabouts are contact the authorities so this man’s family can have much needed closure.

This young man is also a Memphis rapper who goes by Straightdropp, and social media detectives had already linked him to the murder Dolph and there are a lot of rumors that are seemingly are becoming true….you can expect some big developments to occur in this case.

We will keep you posted with further details, especially when they catch the killer. My condolences and prayers go out to his family, love ones and friends.

R.I.P. Young Dolph. We want justice for Dolph and eventually we will get it, ya dig?

What are your thoughts?

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