DaniLeigh Found Out The Hard Way Yellow Bone Was Not What DaBaby Wanted

DaBaby is trending yet again but not for something positive. It is being alleged that he put the mother of his child, DaniLeigh out of his residence right along with the three month old infant. She was later arrested for assaulted him, whew! What a mess. While I sympathize with the innocent baby, I am having a difficult time finding much sympathy for DaniLeigh or DaBaby.

She was publicly in an ongoing “beef” with DaBaby’s other baby’s mother named MeMe. She even made a song about being what the DaBaby wanted remember? “Yellow Bone Is What He Wants?” Many people believe it is a dig at MeMe’s skin color who happens to have a beautiful chocolate complexion. It was just plain stupid. If he cheated on Meme it wasn’t because he didn’t want a brown girl. If he decided to leave a brown girl for a light skin woman it was just by happenstance. It doesnt matter what the skin color, DaBaby is not trying to commit to these women. And having a baby for him hasn’t made him change his mind either.

Now, she is learning the hard way, DaBaby is a player. He has insisted that he and DaniLeigh was never in a relationship and he made that clear. I tend to believe him. DaniLeigh thought she was different. But even having his baby didn’t make him commit. No matter if a woman skin is light or dark, DaBaby is not ready to settle down, apparently.

Some are saying DaBaby played her. I disagree. DaniLeigh played herself by deluding herself into thinking the DaBaby would make her the only one. Now she is in the same position as MeMe. And, she probably feels played. But she really played herself.

You know what I think? DaniLeigh should focus on herself, her music career and more importantly, her child. She had a pretty popping music career before she derailed herself, getting side tracked. She is not the first woman to love a man that was not in love with her back. Yeah its humiliating, because of the way he put their situation on blast, but it’s a toxic situation. She should just leave it alone, especially since she was allegedly arrested behind their explosive altercation.
And as far as DaBaby…….bruh the way you are moving it’s only a matter of time before the energy you put out comes back to you. You are constantly in the headlines behind something negative. You don’t get any cool points for putting the mother of your child out of your house and blasting it all over the internet. I supposed he thinks it makes him look like a victim. But, do you know who is the real victim in this situation? The baby girl, who was right there when her parents decided to act out on each other and post it for the world to see. I wish them all luck because this is a mess.

What are your thoughts?

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