Did Joe Budden Admit To Being Bisexual?

According to some sources, Joe Budden  has come out and admitted to being bisexual. Of course social media was set ablaze. If he admitted to being bisexual, why wouldn’t everybody just believe that to be true?  I found a video that gives another prospective and here it is:

(Posted on YouTube by Yew Neek)

So what do you think? Was he being sarcastic? Was he joking? And does it even matter? But since he put it out there let us oblige him and speak on it shall we?

I feel Joe may have just been trying to drum up some publicity for his podcast. Its not like Joe Budden is a stranger to going viral. He seems like he knows how to get his name out there trending on social media. I would also like to point out he didn’t divulge any relationships with men and all we have ever seen him claim to be in relationships with are men.

I think its cool for Joe Budden not to care about the fallout from such a revelation. This may be proof that Hip Hop culture is truly evolving.

What are your thoughts?

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