My Reaction To Kim Saeed’s Explanation Of “Monkey Branching” And Why Narcissists Are Always In New Relationships…

Narcissists are quick to jump into relationships and hardly ever will take a break in between if they can help it. They do a maneuver called “monkey branching”. Kim Saeed who is a Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Expert did an informative YouTube video on “monkey branching”, and in this post I will give my reaction and opinions on the information Ms. Saeed gave in the video. If you would like to check the video out first, here it is……

(Posted on YouTube by Kim Saeed)

So narcissists start looking for your replacement while still in a relationship with you, the same way a monkey holds onto a branch and won’t let go until he has another branch to hold onto. A narcissist will hold onto you, and devalue you, then discard you when they find someone they feel is better.

Awful isn’t it?

Interesting right? Well let’s delve into the information she gave us……..

According to the video, in order to maintain their narcissistic supply, narcissists use “monkey branching” as a manipulation technique in response to you starting to set boundaries with the narcissist or when you start to experience successes in your life.

Here are three reasons the video gave as to why narcissists use “monkey branching” as a tool in a relationship.

  1. (Temporarily) Satisfying the Inflated Ego

In response to a threat to their extremely fragile egos, narcissist will start re- engaging old supply in the form of “monkey branching”. Remember, the narcissist lives in a world of delusions, and if you should so happen to cause them to focus on reality, they will be looking to discard you for someone who is willing to live in their land of make believe.

  1. Maintaining or Refueling the Narcissistic Supply

If for any reason the narcissist feels you leave them or they would want to discard you, they use “monkey branching” as a way of making sure they have enough validation from others available to feed their need because they are unable to validate themselves.

  1. Revenge

A narcissist will “monkey branch” to get back at you for a slight that triggers their rage. We all know how sensitive and self absorbed a narcissist can be and their pettiness no boundaries. That’s why they use things like flirting, triangulation and “monkey branching” to abuse you for reasons a normal person would overlook.

These behaviors are so hurtful it can take victims years to recover and some never do. Well lucky for us, Kim Saeed’s video also gave us the signs that a narcissist may be using us. What are the signs?

  1. Extremely Flirtatious
  2. Private with Technology
  3. Dating Apps
  4. Spending More Time Outside The Home
  5. Accusing You of Cheating( Or Expressing Their Fear About It)
  6. Very Little Time Spent Single

It’s important that we notice the signs. So many of us want to be in healthy committed relationships, but narcissists know that, and try to trick us into being their supply. So videos like these are helpful. The narcissist counts on us being unaware of their tricks, but people like Kin Saeed are devoted to exposing them.

She has plenty of videos that I have seen on YouTube, and if you are interested you would do well to check out her channel because it is very informative.

My reaction?

Thank you to Ms. Saeed for such an informative video. I myself have been the victim of a narcissistic “player” whose plan was to hold on to me, while he secured a side chick. I guess his plan was to triangulate us. But I simply dumped him before he could implement his evil arrangement.

He said he needed space. So I gave it to him. When he noticed I stopped calling, he started popping up at my residence. Imagine his surprise when the neighbors told him I moved.

Yes, sometimes you have to go through extreme measures not to be “hoovered”, which is another manipulation technique. And it can start by recognizing the narcissist has started doing things like “monkey branching”. I noticed “space” meant he needed to be away from the residence overnight. I got the hint. Rather that get him to agree that that was disrespectful, I simply agreed…..we needed space. And I pray for the victims he moved on to, but it won’t be us because we know the signs, don’t we?

So did the video educate you?

Have you ever been in a relationship where your were the victim of “Monkey Branching?”

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