I Get Tired Of The Narrative DJ Akademiks Likes To Push, Here’s My Take On Lil Durk’s Decision To Stop Dissing The Dead In His Music……..

First of all, I want to commend Lil Durk if it is really true he made the decision to stop disrespecting the dead in his music. That’s amazing on all types of levels. If Lil Durk is a leader, as some people alleged, then he just made a move that just might relieve some tensions in Chicago. We already know he is an extremely popular rapper so this decision has the potential to have an extremely positive effect on the youth. I always say that the drill rappers, or new age rappers, whatever they are calling “gangsta” rappers today, need to switch it up. The market is flooded with music about killings……the streets are littered with the bodies of young men. If Lil Durk is willing to change, I’m willing to encourage that.

That commendation was my attempt to put some positivity on the name of Lil Durk. It’s called encouragement by some…..but if the title of this post grabbed you then you should expect an unpopular opinion about a man that content I follow, DJ Akademiks. And let me commend this man as well on the launch of his new podcast. I wish them both successes in their careers. Here is the video where DJ Akademiks discusses Lil Durk’s decision…….

(Posted on YouTube by DJ Akademiks)

Now that you heard what he had to say on the matter, I want to weigh in too! Yes, I know nobody EVER asks me my opinion, but its my platform and I want so badly to push another narrative DJ Akademiks just doesn’t seem to want to entertain……

Maybe, Lil Durk is switching it up. The Empath in me wants to put context to this frame of thought……it’s all in his eyes. If you look into the eyes of Lil Durk….you can see his soul. Have you ever seen a picture of a happy baby?

It’s All In His Eyes…….

One thing that stuck with me from the wisdom the elderly women in my life hoped they passed on was the concept of “the eyes are the windows of the soul”. When I look at the eyes of Lil Durk, I see trauma. This is a man who has suffered. I won’t be one of the nay sayers for that reason.

I believe Lil Durk until he disses the dead again…..I will just take him at his word, why wouldn’t I. And if we want positivity we need to be POSITIVE……so here is a different perspective…..and maybe one day we will see Lil Durk’s eyes sparkle in pictures….

R.I.P. King Von, R.I.P. D’Thang and Pray For The Youth Of Chicago……..

But what do I know? I’m just a bootleg sociologist who nobody will listen to so I started a blog……….

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