Have A Moment For “Bad Girls Club” Star Deshayla Harris Who Is Dead At 28

Tragedy has struck the family, friends and fans Of Deshayla Harris who was shot and killed in Virginia Beach on or around, March 26, 2021. Deshayla who was only 28 years old was one of the shooting victims in a second of three shootings that occurred over a short span that weekend. Unfortunately Ms. Harris died at the location where she was gunned down.

Deshayla appeared on the “Bad Girls Club” reality show, season 17 which happened to be the last season of the long running highly popular show. This is a sad end for a woman who once aspired to be a fashion designer as highlighted on her season of BGC. She was a beautiful young woman cut down in the prime of her life over this deadly weekend of shootings in Virginia Beach where a total of nine people were shot, and two of the people have died including Harris in three separate shootings. She was killed by a stray bullet while innocently standing by heavy gun fire on a public street.

How unimaginably awful and she definitely did not deserve to die and I for one hope that the killer is caught. Imagine just being outside somewhere, and then gun fire erupts and you are killed for absolutely no reason. Deshayla was out celebrating with her friend when she was murdered.  America is no stranger to gun violence and innocent people being slaughtered in the streets by random shooters. These shootings are outrageous and it is time America comes up with real solutions to all of the gun violence plaguing the streets of America but that is a discussion for a later time.

The family of Deshayla do not have a lot of faith in the Virginia Beach law enforcement and do not expect justice in the case against her killer when and if found.  According to a news report by WTKR News 3, Deshayla’s mother was becoming aware that a rumor was spreading that she had been killed in a shooting so she called her phone only to be told by Deshayla’s friend that she was being pronounced dead. She says the police did not contact her she had to call around for information about Deshayla’s condition and she still is not getting cooperation from law enforcement according to her. I hope this post shares their plight as they vow to never give up on justice for Deshayla. She was obviously loved by many and will be greatly missed.

Key Hamilton who was the friend and cast mate of Deshayla on their season of BGC wrote this on Instagram, as a tribute to her:

“No matter how much I refused to talk to you…you never took no for an answer you popped up to my show just to prove fixing our friendship meant something to you hardest part about losing you is I never fully forgave you” ( excerpt of post)

This is so sad but part of the ritual of death is celebrating the life of the deceased because their lives are so much more than one single event. Deshayla will be remembered for her life rather than her death. So let’s have a moment to celebrate the life of Deshayla. May you rest in peace and your family and love ones find peace as well.

What are your thoughts?

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