Moniece Slaughter Claims Dr. Dre Threatened Her for Revealing He is In a Relationship with Apryl Jones

With all the drama Dr. Dre has been through we would think he would be keeping a low profile, but nope, TMZ recently caught him out with Apryl Jones having dinner. Well so much for being discreet. Immediately the Internet was set ablaze with speculations that they are together. But what if they were just out to an innocent little dinner among friends? Well Moniece spilled all the beans.

In an interview Moniece revealed that Dre and Apryl have been together for awhile. But wait, Dr. Dre is a married man who is in a contentious divorce with his wife of over two decades. That doesn’t seem like it will help him in his divorce, seeing that his wife Nicole Young claims he has been spending money on a slew of mistresses. So does Moniece confirming their relationship harm him in the divorce? Has Dre been spending marital funds on other women?

Well according to Moniece Dr. Dre called her twice and threatened her. She said it was so bad she is convinced that the accusation of Dre being a “woman beater” must be true. Wow. That must have been some heated phone calls. But when asked, she said she was going to wait to release the phone calls she claims she recorded. It seems Nicole Young may have the proof she needs to prove Dre has been stepping out and splurging on his “girl friends”.

Apryl is the mother of two by a famous R&B star Omarion of “B2K” fame. We first see her on “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” being his loving companion. But when they split she began dating his band mate Fizz. The public was outraged that out of all the dudes she could have moved on with she chose his band mate. And when she was publicly criticized she defended herself by posting some disrespectful videos and even went live on social media and she bragged about spreading herself throughout the industry. Moniece who has a son with Fizz expressed her surprise that someone like Dr. Dre would be involved with someone like Apryl.

I personally am not surprised. I’m just surprised that Dre would put this relationship on blast when he is fighting with his wife over finances. And let’s not forget he is supposed to be recuperating from a brain aneurysm. This type of mess he really doesn’t need. I mean he could have been lower key knowing that his wife is looking for dirt to help her get the advantage in the divorce. So if he did in fact threaten Moniece it may be because Nicole can use this to help her case.

I say give her the money Dre. You obviously are not wasting time moving on, give her what she is due and let her move on too. For a guy who seems to like to be private, Dr. Dre is moving like he likes the drama. Dre I hope you not out here threatening women behind some mess you created. Nobody could put your business out there if there is nothing messy to be put out, ya dig? This divorce is turning into the trial of the century!


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