In WTF News, Lil Uzi Vert Gets An 11 Carat Diamond Worth $24 Million Implanted In His Forehead? For What?

So as the pandemic wears on over a year now, celebrities are proving just how outrageously out of touch with their fans they can be. Some are upping the ante because social media has seen it all. But here comes Lil Uzi Vert giving us shock value in the form of posting a picture online with an 11 carat diamond implanted in his forehead with blood running down the middle of his face?

What the…

All the things he could have done with 24 million dollars, he could have given it to a worthy cause or helped the ones that helped him to get that kind of money, his fans. These celebrities always want to rub their wealth in the face of the public. While most Americans are suffering these days it is just unnecessary to gloat. Shame on you Lucifer….   

What are your thoughts?

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Lil Uzi Vert Apparently Got A Nearly 11 Carat Diamond Pierced Into His Forehead | HuffPost

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