It Is Now Being Reported That Allegedly Dr. Dre Was Poisoned….Say What!

We really need to pray for famed West Coast producer, Dr. Dre. If what is being reported is true, somebody is trying to intention trying to harm him. A few days ago it was reported the billionaire had a brain aneurysm but luckily he was recovering and by all accounts was okay.

Dr. Dre is a healthy man who works out regularly. Most believed that the stress from the divorce he is going through with his long time wife, Nicole Young was to blame. Makes sense because divorces are stressful. And this one takes the cake, as it is being reported that these two are at war over his billion dollar fortune.

 But hold up, wait one minute….

Because the cause of the aneurysm was in question, you already know the hospital ran a battery of tests and what was supposedly found in his system?

Anti-coagulants that are found in rat poison, and supposedly  just smelling it can cause a BRAIN ANEURYSM.

 Ut oh. That’s not good. His friends and family suspect foul play. What do you think?

What are your thoughts?

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