Donald Trump Kicked Off Twitter Only After He Urged His Supporters to Riot at the White House, Will You Miss His Tweets?

Well apparently Twitter has had enough of the drama surrounding Donald Trump. All over world, people watched him hold yet another “super spreader” rally and proceed to incite his supporters to storm the White House in an effort to disrupt the certification of Joe Biden as President. And then, true to his nature, he proceeded to post a video on social media praising their efforts to interrupt democracy.

Shocked? Of course you aren’t. But what is shocking is that Twitter permanently banned President Trump on Friday “due to the risk of further incitement of violence,”. Now the fact that he is being held accountable for anything no matter how small the consequence, is shocking. Especially when he has tweeted the craziest things over the four years he has been in office.

This was business as usual for this administration and while we were stunned by the riot at the White House, we have grown used to Trump and his commitment to drag America into the gutter. He has repeatedly used social media to promote his personal interests, insult our intelligence, and try to endlessly gaslight us.

 After more than four years of saying and doing whatever he wants it does seem that consequences are finally being meted out to Donald Trump in the wake of one of the worst embarrassments to our country, he has forced onto the American people. Twitter has finally banned him permanently.

Well it’s about time. I mean the man and his supporters have no shame. And I do mean absolutely none. This is a mess of epic proportion. I can’t even believe the blatant, bold face disrespect that he insists on presenting. He is like your drunk perverted Uncle that shows up late to the family dinner. He is loud, crude and extremely ignorant. You know the type.

Oh yes. The whole family knows he is stupid but what can you do? He’s family. So you hang your head in shame and keep pouring drinks hoping he will pass out in the guest room. And soon as you think…good he is sleep. He stumbles back in the room to cut up in front of your company.

That’s Trump, the Uncle everybody hates but tolerates because it’s not his fault he was dropped on his head. Yes a loud, disgusting, foul mouth, illiterate ignoramus. Yes, good ole Uncle Trump, messing up the bloodline.  Donald Trump is a mutt running around the streets with a pack of mangy friends. Oh yes, we can’t forget them either.

It only took four years of his shenanigans, worldwide embarrassment, untold corruption, stupidity, lies, ignorance, etc. I guess people dying at the White House, officials huddled in fear and the world once again calling us hypocrites was enough for Twitter to finally censor the outgoing President. I mean he has said the most outrageous things in tweets but Twitter chose to just let him go.

And boy oh boy, has he gone as far as he chose to go. It’s no wonder he has finally went too far. He has been allowed to go unchecked for so long that any consequence raises an eyebrow and murmurs of, “finally, something is being done.”

Will other social media platforms follow suit? Will you miss the tweets of, according to Nancy Pelosi, an “unhinged president”?

What are your thoughts?

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