Speak Up! The Second Round of Stimulus Checks Have Been Approved But Is the $600 Amount, Too Little Too Late?

So many Americans are suffering financially due to the enormous strain the Covid-19 pandemic has put on the economy and the government has finally passed the $900 billion stimulus bill which includes $600 dollar stimulus payment which most so desperately need.

But is it enough? Is it too late?

So many people are in financial crisis as this pandemic wears on with no end in sight. People are still being forced or choosing to social distance which also includes millions of Americans being affected by underemployment or even worst, unemployment. If you are one of the Americans who qualify for the second payment, after waiting almost a year for them, you are constantly checking your bank account hoping it will come in time to help you meet your expenses. 

$600 is half of what was given earlier in 2020. After waiting so many months for the payment a lot of people have been pushed onto the verge of financial collapse as the government bickers amongst themselves, comfortable and well fed, while millions apply for food stamps, unemployment benefits or stand in line for food boxes.  For many, it is not enough and it too late to head off their economic demise. It feels depressing to be an American right about now.

Who qualifies for the payments?

A taxpaying single person cannot make more than $75,000 a year in order to qualify for the payment, and each child of a taxpayer is eligible too. Check with the IRS for all of the requirements and a detailed list of who is eligible. The link is provided below in the references section of this post.

There is talks of another payment in 2021, but the seeing how long it took to get this one, you can expect it in December of 2021 and it will likely be $300 per American.


So speak up, is the second round of stimulus too little and too late for you? Feel Free to leave a comment below.

As for me?

Yeah, Trump and the rest of the fat cats in Washington had a lot of nerve waiting to last minute possible to pass and then sign the stimulus bill. My long over drafted  bank account is now  closed, who knows if I will even see a dime of the long awaited stimulus as fees will eat it all up when and if it ever hits my account.  I was one of the millions of Americans who became unemployed during the pandemic, because of circumstances brought on by the pandemic. So when the first $1200 payment hit the open account in March, I hurriedly paid my expenses for that month hopeful that I would make it until the next payment that was promised. But the months wore on, and on. No second payment. So by the time the payment comes, and who knows when it was going to hit the now closed account.

I’ve been through it this year and my account reflects it. What about you?

What are your thoughts?

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