The Real Purpose of Child Support And How Its Misuse Can Enable a Dysfunctional Environment for a Child

The purpose of single mothers….

It’s disturbing that so many men have negative things to say about the mothers of their children. It is a lot of responsibility to be a mother. I believe the best situation for children are the ones where there is a lot of positivity in it and positive mothers have successful children. 

In a two parent household, mothers are allowed the stability to be a stay at home mom because the father can be the sole provider for the family. Sometimes this is not always the case. Sometimes one parent has to leave the household because of the dysfunction within the relationships.  And more often than not the father becomes the noncustodial parent and the mother becomes a single custodial parent but it’s a better environment than the toxic dysfunctional two parent home.

Often men pay child support to the mother. 2020 is the year of awareness. There is something that is not sitting well in my spirit. So many children are so sad. So many women are choosing to be mothers but it is not always for the right reasons. There are too many women raising children in low vibration filled environments.  If the purpose of leaving a dysfunctional is for a better environment, having a toxic mother is far from functional as well.

The problem is so many people are choosing to become parents and they are the types of people who resonate in a low vibration. In order to care for children, your vibration needs to be high. If you are a positive person, caring for children gives your spirit a chance to soar so happy women tend to want to nurture and love their children because these are activities high in vibration. A room filled with children laughing, singing and spreading love is a special environment to be in and it does not happen by mistake.

The best environments for children are the ones where there is more positivity than negativity in them. That starts with a positive person trying to create an environment where the vibrations are high. These environments are filled with positive activities. In environments where positive women are mothering the children are happy and healthy. You will see smiling, and hear laughter and singing. There will be a mother actively trying to raise the vibration as high as possible.

The Importance of Good Fathers Choosing Good Mothers

The focus cannot only be on the women if we want to address raising happy and healthy children who will be successful as adults. I’m amazed so many men do not vet the women they decide to procreate with and thereby handicap their children because, how can you learn to be a good citizen if a good citizen does not show you to be good?

This can start with men taking control of their bodies and not impregnating women who would not be the appropriate women to be the mother’s of their children. It’s important that men chose capable women to have children with. Mother’s taught and guide the next generation. A mother is your first positive role model. Your life begins inside her and how she cares for herself affects you from the beginning. A child cannot simply choose their own mother, their father does that. So it makes sense that men make informed choices about the women they choose to sleep with unprotected knowing that sex leads to parenthood.

The Things Positive Mothers Teach

There are a variety of things that mothers teach you starting in the womb. A pregnant mom can set their child on the right path by utilizing self care during pregnancy. Mothers also make infants secure by meeting their needs and helping the child to self soothe. When children are securely attached to their mothers they are more than likely to be a secure adult with self love and respect.

Mother’s teach children, emotional regulation, hygiene and self care and independence. They nurture and show concern. This helps a child be independent, confident, calm and secure. A mother who becomes a mother with the purpose of getting material things will often neglect these things.

The Real Purpose of Child Support

The purpose of child support is for the absent father to provide support to the child or children. You will find there is so much more involved in raising children into adulthood but child support is the basics. Child support does not support a child’s emotional well being. Emotional well being sets you up for a good life.

It’s really sad to know there are some women who would purposely have a child to receive child support. Its misuse can enable a dysfunctional environment for a child.

What are some signs that a woman may not be choosing to be a mother for the right reasons?

The reason for deciding to be a parent will be self serving; the focus is on them while the child’s needs are not met especially when the single mother does not contribute to the child financially. The reason child support will be so important to some primary care givers are because she will not be interested in supporting her child. She will expect to have the child support her as well. Some mothers will expect child support to also support children who do not belong to the man who is paying the child support payments.

There are women who get child support here and there but we must also remember there are women who do not receive child support at all. These women work and support their children without any contribution from the absent father.

She Will Not Consider Other Forms of Support

A dysfunctional mother will not consider this arrangement as a form of contribution to the support of the children. Money will be her only focus.

Sometimes fathers will care for their children while the woman works outside the home. This can be important because it eliminates the need for a woman to put her children in daycare. Now if the parents do not reside together, I feel that this is considered a form of support. Now does it satisfy the absent fathers financial responsibility, no it does not? But it can be considered as some form of contribution to the support of the child or the children. Why?

Because that is what the single mother receiving support will say, that they care for the children as their contribution. They will be reliant on the support for them and the child and that defeats the purpose.

What are your thoughts?

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