Republicans Prepare to Battle Democrats Over Supreme Court Seat, But Neither Can Seem To Pass a Stimulus Bill, So Still No 2nd Stimulus Check?

As this pandemic wanes on and more financial pressure is being put on the average American to pay for necessities like food, housing, automobile maintenance and child care, the government is concerned with replacing the seat of the late Associate Justice Joan Bader Ginsburg. Wow, way to prioritize. So let me get this straight, as more people depend on things like unemployment benefits, food stamps and government assistance because of losing their jobs due to COVID-19 social distancing measures, the government cant seem to pass a Stimulus Bill that will give help to many Americans, they can plan, plot and strategize to build more political leverage by gaining a Supreme Court Justice that would be sympathetic to their party goals.

Well those goals obviously are not to help the average American struggling to get by. Let’s just remember someone dropped the ball and that mistake led to America seemingly being unprepared to combat the spread of the Novel Coronavirus despite having reports of the virus spreading from China and possible could get to the U.S. if precautions are not made. Who dropped the ball?

So yes, this is yet another post urging Americans to take back our power and resources and put people in office that will redistribute our tax money in ways that benefit us. How dare you have 300 million dollars sitting in an account, but can’t be bothered to pass a bill that would get it into the hands of the people. We have yet to have another stimulus bill pass as people are unsure if the benefits they so desperately need will continue as many Americans now draw unemployment benefits.

And where is the second round of stimulus checks we were promised? This is just ridiculous.

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It’s not too late to register to vote! We need to get people in positions of power that will run this country efficiently. It makes sense that the well being of the American people is a priority over politics.

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