With So Many Americans Needing A Second Stimulus Check, Why Is the Government Continuing To Ignore The Pleas For Help?

With a title such as the “United” States you would think the government could work together to help the people suffering because of the pandemic. But the government has yet to pass a second stimulus package to help the American economy. Because that is what a stimulus package is suppose to do, stimulate the economy. But once again the two political parties have drawn lines in the sand and dug in their heels to duke it out at the expense of the suffering American taxpayers.

It has been six months since the first stimulus check hit the accounts of the American people, and there is nary a mention of another in this latest “skinny” stimulus package proposed by Republicans and denounced by the Democrats. All I can say is this is the reason that many Americans are opposed to the two party systems. Who cares who you pick at this point it really is voting for the guy who is less evil. I mean we literally sit at the mercy of people who stay in hotel rooms that cost more than our monthly salaries but expect for them to act in our best interest!

Twelve hundred dollars would help someone who hasn’t paid rent but needs to catch up. That money could help a family stock up on groceries, especially since so many families are now fixing more meals at home. That money could be just what some of us need to keep going as we ride out the pandemic which continues to kill people daily. But as we wait for word that the government has decided to finally send us some relief, we get word that once again they are fighting amongst themselves without thinking about the well being of the American people.

I would once again like to appeal to all Americans to get out and vote. It is obvious that mistakes have been made and continue to be made daily when it comes to the handling of this country and its affairs. While the other countries have gotten their coronavirus numbers under control, The United States is still plagued by the COVID-19. I just keep waiting for some form of leadership to get us all united as a country and back believing that we could get through this disaster as a country the same way we have in previous times. We need to make sure we vote in people who will make sure that in times of trouble we all feel secure that the government has our back.

But I have yet to feel that way. And not getting a second stimulus check is just the icing on the cake…..

So if you have not yet registered to vote, there is still time to do so. Voting is a great option that will show the people running the country that we will get rid of you if you do not think about what is for our economic well being. By sending that message we will get people in public offices that will swiftly answer our pleas for help. This reminds me of that commercial when the people scream, “Its my money and I need it now!” Well this is what the government has forgotten. The money they so patiently fight about belongs to the people. If it were them waiting to be able to financially survive they would be hurriedly passing a new stimulus package.

I hope you all are staying safe and staying informed……don’t forget to VOTE!!!!

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