If There Was Ever A Time To Get Out And Vote The Time Is Now…

The purpose of this post is to remind people that the deadline to register to vote in your state is approaching. Many states will only allow you to register in person a month before the election, so if you are not registered, go to the link below and sign up. Voting is the best way to make sure this country is back on track and in line with the actions that reflect the values of the majority, and I am of the belief that the majority of Americans believe in equality for all. Do you agree?

So many of us are frustrated with the direction that America is going in. In the midst of this ongoing pandemic that is still affecting the United States immensely, a lot of us are just plain worn out with all the reports of social unrest, divisiveness and insanity that is ravishing America. And there seems to be no coherent leadership to help us during this crisis. Sooner or later we need to realize that we should get back to the business at hand. It is time for us to restore dignity to the people and what it means to be an American. How can we do this? Vote!

We truly need leadership that will unite us and do what is in the best interests of this country. We have the opportunity to get the people out of office who have made us the laughing stock to the rest of the world as they continue to bungle the response to the deadliest pandemic in modern times and the cities continue to be plagued with protests to the constant killings of unarmed citizens. This is a mess of epic proportions and there is no end in sight as the government seems to have any intellectuals to help with common sense let alone the complex issues the country is facing. And as the two parties fight amongst themselves the people suffer. We still haven’t received a second stimulus and the year will be over soon as the government left for vacations and many tax payers face evictions.

We cannot leave things in the hands of people who in four years have returned us to a time when the world hated us and saw us as a bunch of hypocrites and bullies. Who is to blame? Does that point really matter when people get more in debt just trying to feed their families?

Who Do You Vote For?

Many people are not going to vote because they are confused on who to vote for. I’m confused by this sentiment. It is clear that the leadership has failed you, so wouldn’t it make sense that the leadership in place needs to go? The fact that people come out in droves to vote against the current administration would send the message we are tired of all the shenanigans and the wasting of our resources and tax money.

I think that it is time that we send a message and run to the polls, or mail in our ballots, if we still a post office system by November. God bless you America.

Need Help Registering?

What are your thoughts?

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