When This Woman Speaks About Anime: A Review of Golden Time (ゴールデンタイム)

Anime is a wonderful way to pass time while we remain stuck in this deadly COVID-19 pandemic especially if you chose an entertaining series. In this post I will review a series that I feel while high on the emotion will definitely bring on the entertainment.

I am once again writing about Anime that is from the “Slice of Life” which is, “a genre that is more akin to melodrama than drama, bordering on absurd due to the large numbers of dramatic and comedic events in very short spans.” (Wikipedia)

This post is about the anime television series, “Golden Time” which is a part of the “Slice of Life” genre. Have you heard about it or seen it? It is 24 episodes long so if you do decide to check it out it will take you awhile to binge watch. It took me about three days to be able to watch all the episodes but I guarantee if you like this genre of Anime and have plenty of free time you can probably do it in less time than it took me.

The Golden Time Plotline (SPOILER ALERT)

This series will grab you from the first few opening scenes as the first episode will set the pace for the whole series. If you like the first episode then this series is for you, as you see the rollercoaster ride begin. Banri has started to go to college in Tokyo far away from his former life which he happens not to remember. He is suffering from amnesia due to an accident and you start to see him confused on how to continue in his present as he struggles to figure out what happened in the past as he hardly remembers anything about what happened to him before he gets hit and falls of a bridge in his former life.

He goes to a college far away from his hometown and while trying to find the location of the college he meets a similarly clueless guy named Mitsuo and they both try to find their college together. Things get interesting  a super wacky stalker type named Koko who is obsessed with Mitsuo and starts beating him with roses on the street. And the scene is hilarious.

Later Banri runs into a girl name Linda, who was his best friend before his accident but he doesn’t know it. And so Banri gains memories, loses memories, has a girlfriend, loses his girlfriend and gets in lots of adventures in between including getting kidnapped by a cult. I’m trying hard not to give a lot away…


Banri Tada

The series is about the aforementioned, Banri. He is attending college after an accident that has  previously taken place a year and a half before. He is often visited by his spirit who remembers his past as the present Banri doesn’t. Because he was hospitalized for an extended amount of time, he is now starting school as a freshman as opposed to Linda who graduated at the same time but is a year ahead. Banri does not remember Linda at first but he was in love with her in high school and was on the bride waiting for her when he was in the accident that caused his memory loss.

Koko Kaga

Koko also is a new attendee at the college who followed Mitsuo to the college despite him not wanting nothing to do with her and her opening scene is a classic. She eventually becomes the problematic girlfriend of Banri.

Mitsuo Yanagisawa

Mitsuo becomes the good friend of Banri. Although he is extremely handsome and sought after he has problems with the girls he shows romantic interest in.

Nana Hayashida (aka) Linda

Like I mentined before, Linda was suppose to meet Banri the night he was struck on the bridge, he was waiting to see if she would recognize his declaration of love. Linda was too late but was on her way to tell Banri she was just wanted to remain best friends. She is still central to Banri as he struggles to regain his memories and she at times helps him with the issues caused by this.

Do I recommend this series?

Yes and no. Firstly, I would recommend this series if you love plots heavy on melodrama and love drama. The romance is definetly a roller coaster with A and B. This series is heavy on awkwardness centered around romantic uncertainty and relationship strife. It is interesting but will be draining for someone who does not like Anime that has a lot of the plotline devoted to romance.

There are also a lot of touching scenes as A spends a lot of his time dealing with his past and coming to grips with his past life and his present life. He drifts in an out of both lives and is in as much anguish as he causes the people around him who care about him immensely. So the emotion will be brought out of you. I enjoyed the plotline and there was comic relief between the theatrical scenes and that keeps the series intriguing as you will go up and down with the main characters. I also enjoyed the into music as well.

Are you an Anime fan? Have you ever seen Golden Time?

What are your thoughts?

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