What happened to the Harriet Tubman Twenty Dollar Bill? Did you forget? And will we get another stimulus check?

So recently there has been a lot of attention given to Aunt Jemima and removing her from the pancake syrup bottle, but a I feel like we are getting sidetracked. It almost feels like a diversion, because while we focus on removing images, did we forget about the images that need to be added?

Well I haven’t forgotten. Harriet Tubman is a American hero. She has been my sheroe since I was a little girl and learned about her in elementary school. Her story is the perfect story about a woman demanding to be free. She understood that slaves were beaten down physically and mentally. She didn’t require your permission to lead you out of bondage, you were led out rather you wanted to or not. She rode for the cause and the cause was freedom or death.

So, why did they get my hopes up only to act like they forgot about the Tubman twenty.

I haven’t forgotten, I said.

And as we all experience devastating financial losses due to COVID-19, we need another stimulus. The government gave businesses way more money than they gave the individual tax payer. They even gave over a billion dollars mistakenly to dead tax payers.

Say what?

Well since the Trump Administration has money to waste, why not give some of the tax payer money to tax payers. There is no reason not to, we need it. Some of those businesses receiving funding are still filing bankruptcy and scaling back on employees and equipment. So why bail them out but you allow Americans citizens to suffer? It makes no sense.

What do you think? Did you remember about the Tubman twenty?

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