Oil Pulling : An Ancient “Secret” to Improve Dental Health

There are certain ancient human secrets that are still useful today. For example, oil pulling. Oil pulling has several benefits. Long ago, over thousands of years, humans used oil pulling to detox the mouth and freshen the breath. I will list a few here as well as some links to information that may help you learn to oil pull correctly.

Oil pulling simply involves you swirling and swishing oil through out the mouth without swallowing the oil. You first brush your teeth vigorously and thoroughly then you start a regimen of oil pulling. After swirling oil around for a number of minutes you spit out the oil and it is said to contain bacteria that was trapped in the spaces between the gums and teeth.

What type of oil is best for oil pulling in the mouth?

Coconut oil is the oil I recommend for dental oil pulling. There are claims that coconut oil pulling whitens the teeth and brightens the gums of the mouth. Coconut oil has antibacterial properties that cleans the mouth of germs.

A good brand to try…..

Surprisingly, in my travels I found an excellent oil that was in the dollar store in Sparks, Nevada. Kaila Organic Virgin Unrefined Coconut Oil. I only paid one dollar for a 14 ounce jar.  (http://kailafoods.com/)

Surprise! Oil pulling does this beauty trick….

Oil pulling helps diminish the fine lines around the mouth.  It seems that the motion of swishing and swirling the oil, tones the muscles of the mouth and this can improve the face appearance in children and adults.

So I titled this post ” secret”, but, it really has been a known way to clean the mouth since ancient human history. Did you know about oil pulling? Have you any experiences with oil pulling?


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