David and Bathsheba

I am continuing my series on David. You cannot have a series about David without mentioning the infamous, Bathsheba.

Imagine a man sees you in your most private moments, such as when you are bathing, and then he decides he wants to have sex with you? Enter into the world that Bathsheba, wife of Uriah, lives in. David was walking on the roof of the palace when he looks down and saw Bathsheba washing her body in a purifying bath. She was reportedly so beautiful to him that he had to have her sexually.She was in no position to refuse the King. It is not known if she was a willing participant, but we do know that she becomes pregnant with his child.

This pregnancy puts her in a bad position with the king. Bathsheba is married to Uriah who is described being a Hittite since he was from the region known as Hattusa. Uriah was a soldier in the Army of King David. The very man who has impregnated his wife. Normally, it would of been easier to deceive Uriah by simply lying about the paternity of his wife’s child. But, Uriah has been away from his home and there is no way he can be he father of the child. Because it would be obvious that his wife was having an extramarital relationship, and the father of the child would become a matter of discussion, David panicked.

What he does becomes one of the less talked about crimes in human history. It was not the first but it was one of the first documented accounts of  the planning premeditated murder, as David goes through several changes trying to cover up the fact that he has impregnated a married woman.

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