She cheated. Should you take her back?

As I stated in a previous post, marriage is a difficult relationship if both parties are faithful, but if one of the parties involved has decided to be unfaithful, you are in for a rocky ride. Fidelity is very important in modern times. It is true that both men and women require it, but for this post, I would like to focus on when a husband remains faithful to their partner, but the wife decides to cheat. I already addressed when the husband cheats in a earlier post .

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For some men, being cheated on is the ultimate betrayal. Cheating often involves lying and being deceitful. Being unfaithful leads to a break in trust and a break in trust can sometimes lead to a break up. Men will almost always break it off with an unfaithful spouse, as the male ego is usually ill-equipped to handle this type of devastating blow.

The question the becomes, should the husband take her back? Factor in marriage involve other people, not just the marital relationship. Married coupes have children with each other and that presents a whole other plethora of problems. Especially if the husband depends on his wife for support, like in the case of stay at home moms. His wife maybe his only person to care for the children while he works outside of the home. Then there are those marriages that involve step children both in the marital home and those that visit.
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